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Have a fun conversation with this AI.


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SimSimi is a very peculiar app that will allow you to talk with an artificial intelligence capable of having complete conversations using a relatively elaborate vocabulary and that, let it be mentioned, is often very coherent.

To start using the app you only need to touch the charming, round yellow character (SimSimi) and begin chatting with him. Instantly, as long as you try to create a coherent conversation, you will realize that the things he will say to you really make a lot of sense.

Because you will be talking with artificial intelligence, you can have a lot of fun by writing down absurd things and reading them to him while his reaction will, in many cases, surprise you so much that you burst out in laughter.

SimSimi is one of those funny, entertaining apps to kill some time, whose main objective is to keep you entertained for minutes with having to think much. To use it, of course, you will need to be connected to the Internet.
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